Venrock Gets Genuine VC

Last week, I posted the following blind item:
Who did Venrock just quietly hire to help build out its digital media practice? Hint: His first name is David, but his last name is not Siminoff.

The answer is David Beisel, who is best known to web denizens for his Genuine VC blog. He previously spent several years with Masthead Venture Partners, and also oversees a Boston-area networking confab called the Web Innovators Group.

Beisel’s first day with Venrock was yesterday, and he’ll serve as a vice president in the firm’s Cambridge, Mass. office. I stopped by for a few minutes this morning, and was immediately struck by two things about his new digs: (1) Jealousy over the fact that most every window looks out onto the Charles River and (2) That there is a lot of room for expansion (i.e., extra offices and cubicles).
On the first point, Beisel said that he’d already taken a lunch-break jog. On the second, he declined to comment, except to suggest that the space wouldn’t be empty for long.

As for actual business, Beisel said that he expects to focus on both the consumer-facing and infrastructure wings of digital media. Most of his deal-sourcing will be East Coast, with a particular focus on the greater Boston area.

“Boston is a historic technology hub, but you need to inject media into it, whereas New York is almost the exact opposite,” Beisel says. “Both areas have some work to do, obviously, but I think there are great opportunities here – particularly in Cambridge.”