Vestar Makes Itself Understood

Guess what firm recently launched a new website, with three different geographic channels, 24 videos and full site translation into six different languages. Carlyle Group? Sequoia Capital?

Try Vestar Capital Partners, an upper-middle-market buyout firm that isn’t typically thought to be a technological innovator. But this site really is impressive, and may well become a template for other firms investing globally. Sure most businessfolk in Tokyo and Milan speak English, but they’re still more comfortable speaking – and hearing — Japanese and Italian.

The Vestar website not only translates all of the boilerplate, but also the videos — which include comments from both Vestar and its portfolio company executives.

Vestar raised $3.65 billion for its fifth fund in 2005, and already has portfolio companies in the U.S., Canada, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Its offices are in New York, Denver, Boston, Paris, Milan, Munich and Tokyo.