Virtù Equity Partners to add new investor

Alvaro Lopes da Silva Neto has agreed to become an investor in Virtù Equity Partners.

Alvaro Lopes da Silva Neto has agreed to become an investor in Virtù Equity Partners. He will also serve as a board member in Miami. Previously, he served as chief financial officer and board member at GP Investments.


MIAMI, Feb. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Virtù Equity, a private equity firm headquartered in Miami, has signed an agreement with Alvaro Lopes da Silva Neto, a seasoned financial markets executive with global experience, who becomes an investor in Virtù Equity Partners, Inc. and will serve as a Board Member in Miami.

A seasoned financial markets executive with global experience who becomes an investor in Virtu Equity Partners, Inc. and will serve as a Board Member in Miami.

As an operator of its portfolio companies, Virtù Equity chose the strategy of launching the first wave of investments through a closed fund, available only to partners at Virtù Equity. This measure was taken to ensure the foundation of its investment platform in a fast and effective manner. As the market value of Virtù Equity’s portfolio is approaching $30M, the company feels it is time to prepare for the second step of Virtù Equity’s strategy, opening investment alternatives to a select group of external investors. Mr. Alvaro Lopes has vast experience in the management of investments and in the operation of portfolio companies, which will be keen on executing this strategy.

Anchored on the success of its investment platforms, Virtù Equity is advancing negotiations with a few strategic prospects that will boost growth and value creation through synergic add-on investments.

According to Mr. Lopes, when available, add-on investments should be the best strategy to pursue since it relies on existing infrastructure and management to execute the investment thesis. “Having your feet on the ground is the best form of expertise to apply to an investment,” said Mr. Lopes. In addition to his guidance to the deal flow of Virtù Equity, Mr. Lopes will also help in the allocation process for strategic partners that will form the select group of investors into the new Virtù Equity Funds.

Original from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, Mr. Alvaro Lopes holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and an MBA with a concentration in Finance from COPPEAD UFRJ. He joined bank Bozano Simonsen in 1983, where he developed his career in trading, investments, management of financial institutions and portfolio companies, among other duties. In 1995 he moved to New York to lead the internationalization of the bank.

Today he lives in Miami, and he holds responsibilities in institutions in Latin America and Europe. Mr. Alvaro Lopes has previously served as CFO and Board Member at GP Investments, he currently serves as Board Member at Spice Private Equity, and he is also a partner at GOW Capital.

According to Marcos Fabio Lopes e Lima, Virtù Equity’s Managing Partner, Mr. Lopes’ addition to the team is a stepping stone worthy of celebration. “Alvaro has been much more than a partner; he became a personal coach and a friend,” said Marcos Lima.