Wanna Buy Grizzly Adams?

Grizzly Adams can be yours, for just $25 million. The hat, the beard, the film library and all of the related merchandising opportunities.

That’s the thrust of an unsolicited email I just received from someone at Grizzly Adams Productions Inc., who was hoping that “you and/or your venture capital associates” would have interest in a full or partial buyout of America’s favorite woodsman (well, third-favorite after Paul Bunyan and Ted Kaczynski).

Seems they’ve got a new feature set for a 2009 release (a “feel-good” film called Friends for Life), which will come 25 years after the company’s namesake film that grossed $65 million in theaters on a $140,000 budget. It’s like $1 million for each year of business, which included a two-year television series on NBC.

If only I was an accredited investor…