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Waterfront Buys Search Co.

Waterfront Media, a New York-based online health media company, has acquired online search company Netramind. No financial terms were disclosed. Waterfront Media has raised around $35 million in VC funding, from firms like Scale Venture Partners, Rho Ventures, Foundation Capital, Time Warner Ventures, BEV Capital and Neocarta Ventures.


Waterfront Media, the largest privately held online health company and the operator of Everyday Health, the second largest online commercial health property, announced the acquisition of Netramind, a company specializing in natural search. The acquisition is designed to bolster Waterfront Media’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) across the Everyday Health network, starting with flagship site and, the online Web site based on the bestselling series of What to Expect pregnancy and parenting books.

“One of our highest priorities is to improve SEO performance across all of our sites,” Waterfront Media CEO and co-founder Ben Wolin said. “As we aim to become the number one health property, our investment in Netramind will be a driving force to significantly increase the number of visitors to Everyday Health.”

Netramind, founded and run by Ani Kortikar and Santosh Bhandarkar, currently operates as an SEO and SEM consulting firm to web publishers and also operates several small online health properties. These properties generate 800k+ SEO visitors a month. As part of the acquisition, Netramind will turn its entire focus to improving Waterfront Media’s search. The Company’s employees and their complementary skills will be integrated into Waterfront Media, and co-founder Ani Kortikar will be named Vice President of Search Technology, reporting to Waterfront Media’s CTO, Dave Perlman.


About Waterfront Media and Everyday Health
Waterfront Media is the largest privately held online health company and operates Everyday Health, which attracts over 14 million unique users per month. Through its network of health, diet, fitness, and pregnancy Web sites, including its flagship, Waterfront Media enables consumers to live healthier lives every day. Waterfront Media was founded by CEO, Ben Wolin, & President, Mike Keriakos.