Waterland Private Equity invests in UK accountancy firm Cooper Parry

The investment aims to spur Cooper Parry on to fivefold growth in the next five years through acquisitions and organic growth.

  • Follow-on funding is available to support the accountancy and wealth management businesses, which will operate as standalone business units and follow independent M&A strategies
  • Cooper Parry’s full leadership team and all 42 partners remain in place
  • Ade Cheatham will continue as CEO

Waterland Private Equity has agreed to invest in Cooper Parry to support the firm’s ambitious growth plans. Cooper Parry is a firm of accountants and business advisors covering the spectrum of taxation, research & development, auditing, outsourced financial services, corporate financing, and wealth management.

With Waterland’s investment, UK-based Cooper Parry will roll out a five-year plan to generate a fivefold increase in annual revenues and provide a broader suite of services to clients. As part of the deal, follow-on funding is available to support the accountancy and wealth management businesses, both of which will operate as standalone business units and will follow independent M&A strategies.

Waterland is a private equity firm that to date has made investments in over 850 companies. The Dutch investor manages $9.3 billion in funds and has offices across Europe. It was founded in 1999. Waterland has recently backed other professional service businesses: Moore Belgium, a middle market accountancy business, Horn & Company, Sideshow Group and IMC Group.

“We are delighted to partner with Cooper Parry – there was a meeting of minds from our first interaction with the team,” said Dominic Graham, investment director at Waterland Private Equity. “Cooper Parry is clearly differentiated in a crowded market and well placed to take advantage of continued structural change driven by regulatory change and client demands. We will support the team to accelerate M&A ambitions building on our experiences in the same market with Moore Belgium.”

“With Waterland on board, we can supercharge our growth and expansion across the UK and internationally,” said Ade Cheatham, CEO of Cooper Parry. “They have a strong track record of supporting ambitious advisory firms like ours and their pan-European presence will prove invaluable as we progress in our journey. Our ambitious target is fivefold growth by 2027. Latest results, just released, have delivered 33% year on year growth The next five years are going to be tremendously exciting for everyone involved with Cooper Parry”