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West Face condemns Black Cube targeting of staff, judge

West Face Capital said Black Cube has contacted current and former employees, as well as a retired Ontario Superior Court judge, concerning a claim launched against the firm by Catalyst Capital Group and dismissed by the judge last year. Black Cube, an Israeli intelligence company, reportedly worked for Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein to gather information about women accusing him of sexual abuse. West Face, a Toronto-based alternative investment firm, said it is “appalled” by Black Cube’s activities in relation to the Catalyst claim, which alleged that West Face misused confidential data when buying a stake in Wind Mobile Corp in 2014.


West Face Appalled by Black Cube Activities

TORONTO, Nov. 29, 2017 /CNW/ – West Face is appalled by the activities of Black Cube in contacting current and former West Face employees, as well as The Honourable Justice Frank Newbould (retired). These activities were conducted in connection with Justice Newbould’s trial decision dismissing the claim of The Catalyst Capital Group Inc. against West Face. These activities included using operatives to lure junior employees around the world using systematic lies, deception and false pretences, which constituted a serious invasion of the privacy and security of the victims of these efforts. This behaviour mirrors Black Cube’s actions on behalf of Harvey Weinstein.

We now understand that transcripts and recordings of Black Cube’s activities have been provided to members of the media without ever being provided to West Face. This represents a further invasion of the privacy of Black Cube’s victims. Furthermore, we have not been able to verify the accuracy or completeness of those transcripts and recordings, including with the employees who were surreptitiously recorded. West Face unequivocally condemns this conduct and would ask that the media respect the privacy of its current and former employees, who have no relevance to the ongoing legal proceedings by Catalyst against West Face. We are saddened that innocent people have been misled, intimidated, and emotionally impacted by this disreputable and unseemly conduct.

About West Face Capital Inc.

West Face Capital Inc. is one of Canada’s leading alternative investment managers combining control-through-distressed, high-yield, negotiated finance, proactive equity, and private equity activities. West Face’s capabilities are underpinned by a seasoned multi-disciplinary investment team, proprietary origination channels, deep sector expertise, and the ability to address investment targets in domestic and international markets.

For further information: Philip Panet, General Counsel & Secretary, West Face Capital Inc., 2 Bloor Street East, Suite 3000, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 1A8, Tel: (647) 724-8900

Photo of Harvey Weinstein courtesy of Reuters/Carlo Allegri