Where Are They Now? Looking Back at Last Year’s Fundraising Plans

A year ago, buyout deals were so dead that fundraising news was about all I could come by. It seems the opposite is now true, with deal activity on the mend and the fundraising market slower than ever.

But today’s question is whether those 2008 funds actually got raised and, if so, at what levels. So I’ve compiled a series of updates (if there were any) on 20 peHUB fundraising stories from the second half of 2008.

The sad thing is, out of the 20, only four have announced their closing (please email if you have updates). Here are some more quick observations:

  • 4 have closed
  • 13 remain in the market
  • 8 have held closes
  • 2 have met their targets or are “near” a final close
  • 3 lowered their target
  • 1 was pulled from the market
  • 1 never launched
  • 1 adjusted its strategy

You view them as a slideshow, or browse through the nice little directory below.

View the Slideshow

Directory of Firms

Smith Whiley

Avista Capital Partners

Milestone Partners


280 Capital

Alpine Investors

Continuum Capital

Arlington Capital Partners

Insight Equity

Quantum Energy Management

Prophet Equity

Catterton Partners

River Associates

Lovell Minnick

Kayne Anderson

Transportation Resource Partners

Castle Creek Capital

ABS Capital Partners

Wynnchurch Partners

Wind Point Partners