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Which Buyout Firms are Targeting Asia?

While the market for buyouts in traditional U.S. and European markets has begun to trickle back, there is still much of the excitement from both LPs and GPs rests in Asia.

Carlyle Group taken a particularly large plunge, raising $1.04 billion for a growth capital fund, and targeting $3 billion for a traditional Asian buyout find. Bain Capital has also been executing on a relatively new strategy for China investments, shifting its focus to consumer-oriented businesses.

But it’s not just the mega-funds that are getting a piece of the Asia action. Without necessarily raising dedicated funds, a number of middle market players are building up a presence in the region. American Securities Capital Partners, Arsenal Capital Partners, Baird Private Equity, Blue Point Capital Partners and Pfingsten Partners have all set up offices in China to help existing portfolio companies find add-on targets, according to a story in Buyouts magazine.

Below, I’ve compiled a handy list of firms with recent funds, either in the market, or closed, to target Asia. Blue font signifies the fund has not yet closed, according to Thomson Reuters data.

Download the full chart for year, fund size, and target info:

Buyout Funds Targeting Asia

For a quick scan, view below:
Buyout Funds Targeting Asia