“Why Don’t You Cover Us?”

I get asked that question all the time, and the usual answer is that I didn’t see the news item or it doesn’t fall within my editorial balliwick. For example, it’s great that Johnny Johnson got promoted to manager of the Chuck E. Cheese in Toledo, but it’s really more appropriate for someone else.

But this post is aimed at PR folks who represent banks and law firms that work on private equity transactions (i.e., relevant items). When you ask the question, my answer is usually as follows: “You were too damn late.” Or perhaps a slightly more gentle version.

The problem is that many of your clients like to issue their own press releases, which invariably come out after the involved company has issued its own statement (often neglecting to mention either the bankers or lawyers). In other words, I don’t see your press release until after I’ve already written up the deal. And it’s highly unlikely that I’ll print another item with just this extra tidbit of info — particularly on the PE Week Wire.

The solution is to get your clients into the company release. If they really want separate ones, make sure it’s distributed within minutes of the company’s. Then you won’t need to be asking so many questions…



Because you’re too damn late… Ok, perhaps this needs a bit of explanation.