Widearea Buys Magicsoft Assets

Widearea Systems, a Frederick, Md.-based, has acquired the operating assets of Magicsoft, including the multipoint video conferencing product VC Wizard. No financial terms were disclosed. Widearea has raised startup funding from the Maryland Technology Development Corp., while MagicSoft has raised around $3.25 million in VC funding led by NexGen Capital.




Widearea Systems today announced that it has completed the purchase of the operating assets of Magicsoft, including its flagship product VC Wizard, a multipoint video conferencing technology. Widearea Systems plans to immediately support existing VC Wizard customers, and plans to launch an update, version 7.5, within two months.

Choon Shim, president and CEO of Widearea Systems, said, The VC Wizard product is a strong complement to our existing video and voice over IP technology. We have very exciting plans for the products.

In addition to the near-term update, Widearea Systems has an 18-month product roadmap that will culminate in a new version of VC Wizard that will incorporate Widearea Systems' leading-edge video and voice over IP technology and solid 3-tier architecture to improve reliability, scalability, and security.

Carl Eckstein, president of Magicsoft, said, I am so pleased to put VC Wizard into such capable hands. Widearea Systems has the resources and technology to take VC Wizard to the next level. We're confident that our customers will be happy and well-supported now and in the future.

David Eiri, of Kaiser Permanente, said, Widearea Systems has shared with us their roadmap for VC Wizard, and it's exactly what we'd like to see happen with the product. Kaiser Permanente has been using VC Wizard since 2001.

The timeline for VC Wizard updates includes:

  • Version 7.5, planned for release in April 2008, will provide customers with up-to-date operating systems support, as well as updates for problem fixes and minor enhancements.
  • Version 8.0, planned for Beta/Trial release in August 2008 and general release in September 2008, will provide customers with improved installation and ease of use, a tool for video conference monitoring and management, as well as quality of service (QoS) monitoring with network topology and resource usage monitoring and reporting.
  • Version 8.1, planned for Beta/Trial release in December 2008 and general release in February 2009, will include the integration of Widearea Systems revolutionary technology, allowing interconnection between intra and extra endpoints using the VC Wizard Secure Virtual Network, support for servers on Linux and Solaris, support for a new VC Wizard Web Client and VC Wizard Windows, a VC Wizard Agent, and support for additional video conferencing equipment.

About Widearea Systems

Widearea Systems is a convergence technology company located in Frederick, Maryland, offering in Unified Communication software products and services. Widearea Systems' V-Contax product dramatically improves customer satisfaction and revolutionizes the way companies and their customers interact. For more information visit www.wideareasystems.com or call (301) 644-3927.