William Morris Backs RoyaltyShare

RoyaltyShare Inc., a San Diego-based provider of digital royalty solutions to the entertainment industry, has raised an undisclosed amount of new Series B funding from the William Morris Agency. This is the round's third tranche, following $9 million worth of past infusions from Trident Capital and Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments. 



RoyaltyShare, Inc., a premier provider of digital royalty solutions to the entertainment industry, today announced an extension to its Series B round of financing with an investment from the William Morris Agency, the largest and most diversified talent and literary agency in the world. The Series B round was led with investments from Trident Capital and Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (BDMI). Terms of the investment were not disclosed.


RoyaltyShare provides backend technology and services that help record labels, content producers, distributors and publishers to manage the digital sales process. Using its web-based, software-as-service platform, the company provides a range of services from metadata and content management, content distribution and the generation of royalty statements based on sales data that returns from hundreds of physical, digital and mobile retailers worldwide.


“The global entertainment industry is rapidly moving towards digital and mobile distribution, creating great opportunities and challenges for everyone involved,” said Jim Wiatt, Chairman and CEO of the William Morris Agency. “We recognize the importance of supporting innovative companies such as RoyaltyShare as they deliver solutions that address the complex data processing and management challenges brought on by this new era.”


RoyaltyShare's solutions are built from the ground up to manage the complexities inherent in digital distribution and enable customers to outsource the more complex and tedious tasks in order to focus on their core businesses. With over 200 of the world's leading record labels and distributors as customers and a vast network of direct distribution outlets, RoyaltyShare is uniquely positioned at the hub of the digital entertainment industry.


“The William Morris Agency has helped shape the entertainment landscape for over a century and their investment will support RoyaltyShare's efforts in developing tailored data processing solutions to serve every facet of the industry from music to film, to book publishing and videogames,” said Bob Kohn, Chairman and CEO of RoyaltyShare. “We are very pleased to have a such world class partner and look forward to our continued collaboration.”



About William Morris Agency

Founded in 1898, the William Morris Agency (WMA) is the largest and most diversified talent and literary agency in the world, with principal offices in New York, Beverly Hills, Nashville, London, Miami Beach and Shanghai. The Agency represents clients in all segments of the entertainment industry, including Motion Pictures, Television, Music and Personal Appearances, Broadway Theatre and Theatrical Touring, Book Publishing, Commercial Endorsements, Sports Marketing, Corporate Consulting, Digital Media, and Video Games. With its worldwide entertainment presence, the Agency is uniquely equipped to provide its clients with a global, cross-cultural perspective, introducing them to new and exciting opportunities in virtually every area of the media and entertainment industries. Additional information is available online at: http://www.wma.com/



About RoyaltyShare

RoyaltyShare is the worldwide leader in Web-based royalty processing and digital content management solutions for the global entertainment industry. Utilizing an innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application delivery model, RoyaltyShare provides a suite of on-demand services dedicated to simplifying the increasingly complex digital sales process. Its state-of-the-art system and dedicated 24/7 support team enable music labels, distributors and publishers to accurately manage the entire digital sales process anytime, anywhere. RoyaltyShare's service offerings include the ripping and coding of content, metadata management, storage and delivery of digital content, managing sales and distribution information, calculating royalties and generating Web-accessible royalty reports. RoyaltyShare's web-based solution supports the management of content sold through digital, physical, subscription, mobile and other channels. For more information, please visit http://www.royaltyshare.com.