Willow Oak and Focused Compounding launches new fund

Willow Oak Asset Management and Focused Compounding have launched a new private investment fund.

Willow Oak Asset Management and Focused Compounding have launched a new private investment fund. No financial terms were disclosed for Focused Compounding Fund LP. Willow Oak is a subsidiary of Enterprise Diversified Inc.


NEW YORK, Jan. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Willow Oak and Focused Compounding announce the launch of a new private investment partnership, Focused Compounding Fund, LP.

Portfolio Manager Geoff Gannon and his colleague, Andrew Kuhn, spend 99% of their time focused on the 1% of stocks other funds ignore. They manage a concentrated portfolio, investing in companies with durable competitive advantages, predictable operational results over extended time periods, and whose stocks are overlooked by the market.

This private partnership rounds out Focused Compounding Capital Management’s offerings, which include managed accounts, subscription-based research and commentary, and a widely followed investing podcast. In addition to funding the launch, Willow Oak will provide ongoing operational support and investor-relations services.

Available to like-minded institutional investors and an exclusive group of high-net-worth individuals, Focused Compounding’s investment process is to find and buy a small number of great businesses. The fund defines “great businesses” as those with high returns on equity and a long history of predictable and growing earnings and cash flow.

“Andrew and I are excited to launch the Focused Compounding Fund. We are grateful to be working with our founding partners, who represent the kind of long-term, patient capital needed to take meaningful stakes in great businesses,” said Geoff Gannon. “Building on the success we’ve seen in our managed account offering, Andrew and I look forward to putting this capital to work. Next week, we’ll be leaving on a research trip to visit two companies that meet our criteria of being both great businesses and overlooked stocks.”

To learn more about Focused Compounding, please visit focusedcompounding.com.

About Focused Compounding
Focused Compounding is an asset management company jointly run by Andrew Kuhn and Geoff Gannon. Since 2017, Focused Compounding has grown to include: a members-only website, twice weekly podcast, educational videos, separately managed accounts, and a private investment partnership.

About Willow Oak Asset Management, LLC
Willow Oak Asset Management, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Enterprise Diversified, Inc. (OTCQB: SYTE). Willow Oak is a flexible platform of private investment partnerships that are independently run by unique internal and external fund managers uncovering uncommon opportunities. Willow Oak offers operational support to our fund partners through tailored fund management services.

About Enterprise Diversified, Inc.
Enterprise Diversified, Inc. is primarily an alternative asset manager focused on emerging managers. Enterprise Diversified also holds interests in companies associated with internet access, real estate, and home services. Copies of Enterprise Diversified’s press releases and additional information about the company are available at https://www.enterprisediversified.com.