WindPower Innovations Appoints New Director of Sales and Marketing

WindPower Innovations has retained Nick Palumbo as director of sales and marketing for WindPower Solutions, WindPower Innovations’ wholly-owned subsidiary. Palumbo comes to WindPower with extensive experience in alternative energy consulting, lead generation, and deal management.


WindPower Innovations, Inc. (WindPower) (PINKSHEETS: WPNV) announced today that it has retained Nick Palumbo as Director of Sales and Marketing for WindPower Solutions (WPS), WindPower Innovations’ wholly-owned subsidiary.
Mr. Palumbo comes to WindPower with extensive experience in alternative energy consulting, lead generation, and deal management. Mr. Palumbo’s experience in tax credits, solar energy projects, and energy reduction efforts will be harnessed to develop WPS sales channels.
John Myers, CEO of WindPower said, “We are excited to partner with Mr. Palumbo to grow sales of our renewable energy wind turbines and develop additional sales channels thereby accelerating revenue growth at WindPower Solutions. The retention of a Sales and Marketing Director was an essential step toward growing revenues and profits for WindPower Solutions. With the anticipated growth of renewable power technologies, WPS believes it can continue to utilize its proprietary wind turbine designs to establish a sustainable market in the sale and maintenance of wind turbines and other technologies.”
With a new Director of Sales and Marketing, WPS will focus its energy on generating and processing new orders as well as educating the public on the growing use and benefits of renewable power technologies. WindPower’s stock is currently traded on the OTC Pink market and can be viewed at
WPS will also pursue additional revenue sources including owning solar and wind farms to receive the residual income from these long term revenue-generating assets; targeting schools and governments as leasing clients for their green energy needs, and helping corporate client bottom lines by utilizing ITC (investment tax credits) combined with renewable energy to efficiently reduce the cost of electricity for these enterprises.
About Nick Palumbo:
As CEO of Management Consulting Pro, Nick Palumbo is responsible for helping both national and international clients to reduce expenses in the area of telecommunications, energy, and federal tax liabilities. Mr. Palumbo has grown Management Consulting Pro to 12 million dollars in annual revenues in the first year in business. Over the past 9 years, Mr. Palumbo has consulted with executives at companies ranging from start-up ventures to Fortune 500 enterprises in many industries including (but not limited to): extensive online retailing, venture capital, tax credits, depreciation selling, telecommunications, solar energy projects, energy reduction efforts and oil well financing. Mr. Palumbo is an entrepreneur and visionary in every sense of the word with a 22-year track record of success spanning over 30 start-up companies. While just 12 years old, he launched multiple online stores. In addition to consulting, he brings extensive experience in mergers & acquisitions, has designed his own lead management system and has structured over 100 million dollars in projects since his career began.
About WindPower Solutions, Inc.:
WindPower Solutions, Inc. (WPS) provides premium upgrades to wind power turbines through the remanufacture, rebuild, and repair of wind turbine gearboxes, as well as sells new wind turbines. WPS, Inc. has two affiliates that are equipped to maintain, repair and refurbish turbines, blades and towers as well as a state-certified welding facility. Our proprietary part upgrades, gearbox improvements and zero-defect approach to the services we provide will further differentiate us from companies that currently attempt makeshift repairs and rebuilds. At WPS, we custom engineer and retrofit all parts that need replacement. We rebuild all our gearboxes to standards that exceed the original engineering specifications. The ability to offer our customers significant upgrades and retrofits, and our custom-engineered equipment and quality testing procedures put us ahead of our competition.
About WindPower Innovations, Inc.:
WindPower Innovations, Inc., is an acquirer of fundamentally sound sustainable technology, and renewable energy companies or those companies that benefit from “going green” which are market-accepted, scalable and demonstrate a quantifiable value proposition. Our focus is on organizations that have strong market presence, brand awareness and talented and dedicated management teams with the potential to achieve exceptional performance over time. By being acquired by WindPower Innovations these companies get access to our operational support, management approach and ability to access financial markets for operational and growth capital. By focusing on “sustainable and renewable” companies such as wind, solar, and companies utilizing sustainable technologies to make everyday products more affordable, more convenient and that may lower the “carbon footprint” we believe that we can create value for humanity at large and enhance shareholder value. WindPower Innovations has two subsidiaries; WindPower Solutions, Inc., that remanufactures wind power turbines for operators across the U.S., and R.I.G. Construction Inc. which markets under the “Cameo Brands” – Cameo Pools, Cameo Landscaping and Cameo Solar. For more information go to our websites at:,
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