With $15M in Backing, EXAI Launches Tools to Make Facebook Pages into Websites

EXAI, a maker of website creation tools, said that it has launched a new platform for small and medium-sized businesses to transform their Facebook pages into fully functional websites and mobile sites. EXAI is backed by $15 million in financing, though the company did not release specific information about backers.

EXAI, a leading provider of website creation tools, announces today a brand new platform for SMBs and individuals to easily transform their Facebook pages into fully functional websites and mobile sites for free. The announcement comes after more than $15 million has been invested in developing the company’s technology, including a recently closed private investment of three million dollars.

A Leading Website Creation Platform
EXAI is a proven developer of industrial web creation tools that allow directories and web indexes to quickly transform their databases into websites. The service has already been used by leading directory services and web indexes across the globe.

Now, following a recent private investment, the company is building a brand new platform that has the potential to disrupt the vast market of consumer facing website creation tools. EXAI is unveiling a new Facebook page conversion app that gives users the simplest path to create an impressive and effective web presence. Users can easily create websites that are tailored for both traditional web browsers as well as mobile devices – for free.

The Business Presence Tripod – Social, Web, Mobile

There are currently more than 60 million SMBs with Facebook pages, but no website or mobile presence. These small businesses are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach customers, and are missing two of the key pillars of web presence. EXAI believes that Facebook represents a perfect environment to start building a website. The social network is a simple and ubiquitous platform where users can upload and control the content they share with the world. EXAI’s new service allows businesses to manage all of their web content via Facebook and have it exported automatically to the web, meaning millions of small business owners can easily create a valuable web presence and easily manage it from their Facebook page.

“We see an incredible opportunity to disrupt a huge market,” said Gal Moran, CEO of EXAI. “Until today, website creation had been dominated by solutions that focus on simplistic and basic websites. However, these solutions don’t effectively address the question of building an effective presence across multiple platforms. We believe that Facebook – with a billion users and growing – represents a natural starting point and the easiest way to build an effective presence on the web. That’s why we have built a solution that uses your Facebook page content as the basis for your website.”

EXAI provides users with a powerful set of tools that enables them to customize their new website however they see fit. The platform gives users a true WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop experience that lets them change the design to suit their needs. Users can easily manage the content they wish to share and create different sections on their site for photos, videos and other content. Users can create their website for free, and EXAI will offer premium services and features for a modest fee.

Users can try the platform here.

About EXAI:
Founded in 2012, EXAI has developed an innovative solution to meet the growing, international need for SMB online presences. EXAI’s revolutionary artificial intelligence technology allows for the automatic mass-production of unique, tailor-made, affordable websites for SMBs, along with mobile sites and Facebook pages. EXAI was spun off in 2012 by CEO Gal Moran following four years of investment and technological development. To date, $15 million has been invested in the development of EXAI and its technologies with three million being invested in the last few months. The company is located in Tel Aviv and has 50 employees.