Calacanis Lands First Few Angels to OAF

Jason Calacanis now has some angels in his corner.

As you no doubt already know, Los Angeles-based investor and entrepreneur Calacanis has started a new angel investment network called the Open Angel Forum. Calacanis has been waging a campaign various angel networks, such as the Keiretsu Forum, Maverick Angels and AlwaysOn, for charging startups for presenting.

Although the groups are doing their best to ignore him and his media-savvy effort, as promised, Calacanis started his for-profit this week.

Moments ago, he tweeted that he has signed up the first few angel investors to the OAF: William Woodward, founder and managing director of Anthem Venture Partners; Sky Dayton, founder of EarthLink Network Inc.; and Matt Coffin, president and founder of

In the meantime, the Open Angel Forum (or OAF) has its own Facebook page, and one Facebook user commented on the group’s page, suggesting that the initials OAF are already being used by an angel group in Portland, Ore., called the Oregon Angel Forum.

An unidentified spokesperson for the Open Angel Forum wrote on the Facebook page: “If there were any issues with the name, I am sure it will be changed, what matters most is for the concept to materialise.”