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PE Hub is a premium intelligence service covering private equity deal-making in North America. Subscribers gain access to exclusive deal news and insight from the dedicated team of PE Hub journalists covering all industries. PE Hub provides detailed information on LBO deal trends, how capital is being deployed and why, fresh investment opportunities, quarterly deals and exits, loan pricing and terms, a unique archive of more than 100,000 PE Hub news stories, and an extensive database of fund managers.

About our publisher

PE Hub is published by PEI, the only global B2B information group focused exclusively on private equity, private real estate, private debt, infrastructure and agri investing. As these asset classes continue to grow in scale and significance – for investors, fund managers, financial practitioners and other service industries globally – PEI is positioned to provide unparalleled business knowledge and intelligence to these communities.

Formed in London in November 2001, PEI publishes globally recognized magazines and news websites, manages an extensive set of databases dedicated to alternative assets, runs more than 50 market-leading conferences globally and publishes a large library of specialist books.

We are the leading specialist information group dedicated to alternative assets.

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