PE HUB Second Opinion

In Second Opinion, Twitter will be cutting more than 300 jobs, EMC CEO Joe Tucci is getting a $27 million golden parachute and Donald Trump returns to NBC as host of the November 7th episode of “Saturday Night Live,” his second time around.


PE HUB First Read

First Read kicks off your morning with news that Worldpay is valued at $7.4 bln in its London IPO, AB InBev finally wins over SABMiller with its $104.2 bln takeover bid and Playboy magazine ushers in a new era–no more nude photos of women starting in March.


PE HUB Second Opinion

In Second Opinion, AB InBev hikes up its takeover bid for SABMiller to $103 billion, a California state treasurer calls for CalPERS and CalSTRS to reveal private equity fees and Zimbabwe decides not to charge the American dentist who killed Cecil the lion.


PE HUB First Read

First Read starts the week with news that Dell is planning on acquiring EMC for $65 billion, Ferrari seeks to raise about $1 billion for its IPO and President Obama tells TV’s “60 Minutes” that he could win a third term and Trump won’t win.


PE HUB Second Opinion

In Second Opinion, Dow Jones admits it got hacked, Paul Ryan contemplates becoming the next House Speaker and the EU will reportedly give Intel the green light for it to acquire Altera for $16.7 billion.


PE HUB First Read

First Read ends your week with news that the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet, Denmark’s DSV is planning on acquiring UTi for $1.35 billion and good news for shutterbugs: Adobe has developed an algorithm that removes photobombers.

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