PE HUB Wire Highlights, 11.12.18

Vista Equity to buy Apptio in $1.94 bln deal; CalSTRS pushes for more diversity in its investment portfolio; Simon Group wants to work with entrepreneurs

Happy belated Veterans Day, everyone. If we haven’t said enough to all the Vets out there, we thank you for your service. Truly.

Some of you may have noticed that I was out late last week. I did have surgery on my sinuses, which was relatively easy. The ENT also lasered my tonsils. I have a friend who warned me that tonsil surgery was the best, and hardest, thing he’s ever done. (He got them removed.) How hard could it be? I’ve had so many infections and fevers and coughing fits due to my tonsils that I decided surgery was the better option. Yowza.

I woke up in the recovery room about an hour after surgery feeling as if someone had applied a firebrand to my throat and then doused it in acid. I watched in horror as all the nurses kept going to OTHER patients, asking them, “Do you want some pain meds?” No one came to me. When I tried to say something, I could only squeak, “Drugs.” But no one heard me. Someone, finally, did come. “I need drugs,” I said. The nurse looked at me with pity. “You have to eat something first,” she said.

Swallowing that one ounce tub of apple sauce was the hardest thing I did last week. But I did it. Now, I’m here. What did I miss, Hubsters?

It’s merger Monday. The big deal this morning is Vista Equity Partners’ $1.94 billion buy of Apptio Inc. Apptio, of Bellevue, Washington, provides business management software. The company was backed by VCs before going public in 2015. See our brief here.

It may finally be over. Veritas Capital and Elliott Management have agreed to buy Athenahealth Inc for $5.5 billion, Reuters is reporting. See the Reuters story here.

Another rollup strategy? Mercer Advisors, which is backed by Genstar Capital, is buying Sigma Investment Management. Last week Mercer bought Beacon Wealth ManagementSee our brief here.

Quadrant Management is exploring the sale of QMES LLC, the East Coast-concentrated distributor of oxygen-therapy products and other durable medical equipment, according to four sources, Sarah Pringle is reporting.


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