peHUB Second Opinion 11.17

Fortune: The “Why” behind denominator effect and the booming secondary market.

Fingers Crossed: In an attempt to negate any excuses, Cerberus has said it’d forgo profits on its investment if Chrysler could have bailout money.

Busy: Several of Citi’s directors are transition advisors to Obama, Dealzone reports.

Waiting Game: Two thirds of you have stopped investing altogether. And other such survey observations.

When Citi Lost Sallie: The very long breakdown of Sallie Krawcheck’s departure from Citigroup. (Hint: it involves dramatic back-stabbery.)

Hmmmm: Dealbook documents some strangeness from the Mark Cuban case, including his own blog post on it.

Here to Stay: The internet, Paul Kedrosky says, has turned out to not be a fad. That bodes poorly for the many, many yellow pages buyout deals in 2002.

Comparisons: TARP is like a bad PE fund? Or one with a poorly defined strategy.

Trading Against Interests of Clients: Goldman did it with subprime mortgages, and now with leveraged loans.

Old News: Leveraged loans are cheap as hell.

Those Paintings of Paulson and Bernanke: Sold for a LOT on ebay.