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Some links to kick off your Friday:

* Is Dubai’s debt cloud about to burst?

* Chris Sacca is leaving Google, where he had been in charge of special initiatives (including that wireless spectrum buy). Next up? Angel investing.

 * Speaking of Google, the search giant wants to create its own version of Wikipedia.

* Still speaking of Google, two consumer groups throw a Hail Mary to prevent the proposed acquisition of DoubleClick.

* Citigroup reverses course, and will rescue seven structured investment vehicles (SIVs)

* Mike Greeley of IDG Ventures enters the East Coast/West Coast “great company” debate.

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  • > * Mike Greeley of IDG Ventures enters the East Coast/West Coast great
    > company debate.

    He offers very little data. Most of the article is a subjective piece
    on why the West coast creates more billion dollar companies than the
    East coast.

    -What is the count of billion dollar (I’m assuming he means past twelve
    months revenue rather than inflated market cap, especially of non-public
    entities) companies created West vrs. East coast?

    -What is the concentration of VCs within 50 or so miles of Silicon
    Valley (let’s say San Jose as the epicenter) vrs. Boston?

    -What is the population of university students to draw on with those
    50 miles (Stanford/Berkeley etc. vrs. Harvard/MIT etc.)

    -Can these numbers be crunched per capita?

    Is it simply the law of larger numbers? Maybe none of the data backs
    up a conclusion and maybe its an attitude thing?

    One thing for sure, he starts with a conclusion which seems to me to
    become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • Forgot: Not dumping on you Dan, I posted these same questions on his blog…

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