2007 Data Dump

I’ll be posting a bunch of downloadable 2007 data later today, including the year’s top deals. In the meantime, a quick rundown of the headlines.

U.S. Buyout Deals
Announced deal value of 2007 was $468.7 billion, which topped $436.2 billion from 2006.
Source: Thomson Financial

U.S. VC Deals
Official data won’t be released until later this month, but preliminary figures show that more venture dollars were disbursed in 2007 than in any other year since 2001. As of right now, the figure stands at around $26.59 billion – and typically grows as additional information is compiled via surveys and other methods (oh, and Motricity hasn’t yet been added).
Source: Thomson Financial

Buyout-Backed IPOs
I spent many columns and TV appearances over the past year bemoaning the lack of buyout-backed IPOs, and now we’ve got some final numbers. Only 32 such offerings priced last year, raising $7.8 billion. This compares very unfavorably to the $14.8 billion raised by 59 buyout-backed IPOs in 2006.
Source: Thomson Financial

VC-Backed IPOs
Thirty-one VC-backed companies went public on U.S. exchanges in Q4, which was the highest quarterly total in seven years. They raised $3 billion, and pushed the year-end numbers to $10.3 billion raised by 86 offerings. Only 57 such offerings occurred in 2006, raising $5.12 billion.
Source: Thomson Financial & NVCA

VC-Backed M&A
Only 45 VC-backed companies were acquired last quarter, which is the lowest number since Q1 1998. For the year, there were 304 such exits with an aggregate disclosed value of $23.7 billion – which represents a seven-year high.
Source: Thomson Financial & NVCA

Debt & Equity Underwriters
Citigroup retained its title of top underwriter for the eighth straight year, in terms of volume. Merrill Lynch, however, secured more in fees. Get all the league tables from Thomson Financial here.