Calvin & Hobbes On The Financial Crisis

The fact that it’s 15 years old makes it that much funnier. The only difference? Suzie didn’t take out a low interest loan to buy the lemonade.

Click here to view it large.


  • Fantastic!

  • […] Erin Griffith at PEHub has a dynamite link to a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon from 15 years ago that is a perfect description what’s going on today in the “subsidy economy.”   I love Calvin and Hobbes – it’s a close second behind Bloom County for me. | Posted in: Great Stuff | Posted by: Brad Feld […]

  • perfect

  • […] het merkwaardige is… de cartoon is uit 1993!  Sommige dingen veranderen […]

  • Does the German message date the cartoon as 1993. And further verification?

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