peHUB Second Opinion 3.26

Holy polar bears! Global warming is about to become irreversible.

Cap it at 15 minutes. And other tips to make meetings less painful.

An 83-year-old woman walked into a glass door at Apple and is suing for $1 mln.

Is it over? Facebook today filed a motion to dismiss Paul Ceglia’s lawsuit, who claims he owns half the company.

Phone wars. AT&T to sell Nokia Lumia 900 smartphone on April 8 for $99.99.

Tim Cook is in China which makes him the first Apple CEO to visit that country.

What will change once the JOBS Act becomes legal? Expect lots of hype from companies trying to get investor attention.

I want this! A refrigerator magnet lets users order pizza with one tap.

Felix Salmon gives us the Goldman Sachs’ muppet song (“I’m a very wealthy muppet)