peHUB Second Opinion 3.27

Guess who’s on Pinterest? President Obama is sharing his favorite collection of politically-themed things and family recipes.

Google drive may finally come in April.

Stand back, Greg Smith. Shay Pierce, an Omgpop developer, tells why he refused to join Zynga (it’s called values).

Who is Charles Forman? He’s the most interesting, shirtless millionaire in tech (he just sold Omgpop to Zynga)

Holy Hogwarts! The entire Harry Potter series is available, as ebooks, on

Rovio, creator of Angry Birds, has acquired Futuremark Games studio

Apptio, which just raised $50 mln, is looking to hire 70 new employees this year.

This natural gas ETN has plunged 29% since March 21

This has to be true. Study finds that people who eat chocolate are thinner.

This is what happens when @BarackObama retweets you.

As expected, the Supreme Court is closely divided over Obamacare.



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