peHUB Second Opinion 5.8

Okay, Georges Van Hoegaerden, maybe you were right about VC

Private jobs increase more with Democrats in the Whitehouse than with Republicans

Prez Obama boosts his lead over Mitt Romney by 7 percentage points

Silicon Valley avoids “B Players” like the plague

The bleeding keeps gushing at Dewey & LeBoeuf with more partners leaving.

The New Yorker visited Maurice Sendak in 1993 and they unlocked this piece.

I can’t decide whether Coldplay’s tribute to MCA is just boring or completely clueless

For day 2 of the Facebook roadshow, Zuckerberg is a no show.

Frederick’s of Hollywood goes up for sale. They’ve tapped Allen & Overy as advisors.

The CEO who lied about his resume isn’t stepping down at Yahoo. But the exec who vetted him is (stepping down from the board).

Twitter stands up for an Occupy Wall Street protester

Picture of Maurice Sendak and others courtesy of Shutterstock