White Cloud Capital leads $2.28 mln investment in BioBeats

White Cloud Capital led a $2.28 million funding round in BioBeats, a machine learning platform. Other investors in the funding were AXA Strategic Ventures and IQ Capital.

Press Release

BioBeats, the machine learning platform that delivers insights about the real-time wellbeing of employees in corporate settings, today announced it has raised $2.28m led by White Cloud Capital, with participation from AXA Strategic Ventures and IQ Capital.

The funding will be used to implement full consumer and corporate product delivery, as well as commercialization of its biometrics based coaching app, Hear and Now.

Founded in 2013, BioBeats believes prevention is the best cure. Using existing wearable devices and smartphones, this cloud-based software gathers encrypted biometric information to build unique profiles regarding sleep, activity, and stress. It then designs personalized coaching programs around individual wellbeing goals.

For organizations, the platform integrates with HR systems and productivity suites, delivering anonymous insights on workforce wellbeing and productivity, while delivering private, personalized coaching to employees. The application is currently running advanced pilots in major UK and US companies.

Dr. David Plans, Co-founder at BioBeats, commented: “Understanding employee wellness is critical to building great global businesses. BioBeats allows companies to keep a finger on the pulse of their organizations and encourage individual wellness. Our competitive advantage is our people, the fact we’ve been doing this longer than anyone else, and cracking the algorithms and understanding of the patterns of stress with the onset of disease. This investment will enable us to expand our reach and product capabilities.”


About BioBeats

BioBeats is a digital health and artificial intelligence business that creates corporate and personal wellness solutions. Its world-class team of scientists and designers includes renowned experts in AI, machine learning, wearables, cloud solutions and theoretical computer science.

BioBeats’ core solutions are based on many years of research, which demonstrates that biometric markers are reliable indicators of stress. The company provides tools to foster wellness at scale such as the app Hear and Now (recently featured in Apple App Store’s Best New Apps, April 2016), with bespoke corporate versions in active deployment. The company’s corporate offering provides solutions to help employees privately control their own wellness through the use of wearables and data-driven coaching.


About White Cloud Capital

White Cloud Capital is a private family investment company that invests strategic growth and venture capital in fast growing companies in primarily the health and education space.