Highland leads $7 mln Series A in personal storage startup Omni

Highland Capital led a $7 million Series A fundraise in Omni, a personal storage startup that provides concierge-style service in San Francisco. Launched in fall 2015, Omni offers on-demand access to customers’ stored belongings and has raised $10 million to date from investors including Formation 8 and Bolt Capital.

Press Release

Omni is revolutionizing personal storage and the relationship we have with our belongings, providing a concierge-style service to residents of San Franc

Omni, a personal storage startup changing the way people access their belongings, today announced $7 million in Series A funding led by Highland Capital. The new raise brings the total funds to $10 million, and will be used for market expansion, accelerating the launch of new features, and company growth.

With the mission to help people live lighter, Omni offers members a seamless storage experience comprised of an on-demand concierge service and a mobile app where members can schedule pickups and deliveries, as well as view and manage their stored belongings at the item-level.

“Physical self-storage is a billion-dollar industry that has not evolved to meet the needs of today’s consumer,” said Manish Patel, General Partner at Highland Capital. “Omni’s innovative approach to connecting city-dwellers with their personal belongings is more than simply taking the hassle out of visiting a storage facility. Omni provides people with on-demand access to their personal belongings when they want them. Its self-storage done right and done for today’s consumer.”

Having officially launched in the fall of 2015, Omni’s service provides a modern solution to the problem of limited square footage in the increasingly crowded city, enabling people to essentially “add a closet” for their valued-but-seldom-used belongings. Omni members use the company’s iOS app to view each of their stored items– which are cataloged with high-quality photographs before they are stored in Omni’s secure facility– providing visibility and access to their things without having them in their immediate space.

“Omni was created with the clear vision of changing the relationship people have with their belongings for the better,” says Thomas McLeod, CEO and co-founder of Omni. “With a strong team of the right people — and committed partners who believe in our vision — Omni has been able to nail the consumer experience, which is key to our growth and will guide our future innovation.”

The company has also won the attention of celebrity investors including Drake, Sophia Bush, and Scooter Braun, each of whom were excited to get behind the concept as it fits squarely into their respective lifestyles. Other early investors include Judith Estrin, Shervin Pishevar, Formation 8 and Bolt Capital.

Omni is currently available for consumer and business use in San Francisco. Pricing differs from other storage solutions by doing away with the concept of charging for a “unit” of space (much of which goes unused), and is instead a monthly a cost per item: standard items are $0.25 each, large items (defined as any item too large to carry onto an airplane, such as a snowboard or a floor lamp) are $2.00 each, and should you have a packed bags or boxes of items you’d like to keep together and not inventoried, Omni will accept them as “closed containers” for $5.00 each.

About Omni

Omni is revolutionizing personal storage and the relationship we have with our belongings, providing a concierge-style service to residents of San Francisco. Omni’s core goal is to help people live lighter, enabling them to reclaim space in their homes and manage their belongings through a beautiful, easy-to-use mobile interface. Item-level transparency, innovative pricing, on-demand pickup and delivery, and human-to-human customer support make Omni a best-of-breed service for consumers and businesses alike, saving its members time, space, resources, and money. To learn more about Omni, visit www.beomni.com or check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.