Riverside acquires SAMsix as an add-on for ARCOS

The Riverside Company has acquired SAMsix as an add-on for its ARCOS platform. No financial terms were disclosed. SAMsix is a provider of mobile software that offers mobile damage assessment and crew location services for utilities.


The Riverside Company has added SAMsix to its ARCOS platform. ARCOS provides a suite of SaaS products for scheduling, contacting, and assembling utility repair crews during outages or unplanned maintenance events while SAMsix offers innovative mobile software that provides mobile damage assessment and crew location services for utilities.

“Combining these products creates a unique platform with a compelling value proposition,” said Riverside Managing Partner Loren Schlachet. “By combining ARCOS’s proven ability to quickly activate and manage crews and equipment with SAMsix’s assessment and location capabilities, customers will be able to operate with maximum efficiency as they quickly and reliably restore services.”

ARCOS already delivers a comprehensive enterprise solution that enables utilities to automate callouts, manage crews, and mobilize emergency response logistics and personnel when needed. The addition of SAMsix’s software bolsters this capability by allowing utilities to document damage to infrastructure in hours versus days. The SAMsix solution also supports routine field inspections in addition to providing crew location services that enable comprehensive situational awareness during an emergency.

“When combined with SAMsix, the ARCOS platform will be the first in the utility industry to integrate damage assessment, crew resource management, and the logistics support needed for routine field inspections and to restore power and respond during emergency events,” said ARCOS CEO Bruce Duff. “This will significantly improve a utility’s ability to accurately forecast the estimated time of restoration for customers and regulators.”

Riverside invested in ARCOS in 2013 and continues to support its growth efforts.

“We are proud of how well ARCOS has done since our initial investment,” said Riverside Principal Joe Manning. “We remain committed to helping ARCOS develop through both add-on acquisitions and organic growth driven by product development and innovation.

ARCOS will integrate the SAMsix products into the ARCOS platform. SAMsix customers will continue to be serviced by the same team members and have the same high quality SAMsix products and service. The combined company will maintain SAMsix’s New Paltz, New York office and all employees, along with ARCOS’s existing headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

Working with Schlachet and Manning on the transaction for Riverside were Senior Operating Partner Dave Tiley, Finance Director Ross Ruller and Associate Jason Chang.

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