peHUB Second Opinion 3.19

Watch Out AIG: There were protesters on Wall Street today. Here’s AIG’s internal memo on how to deal with them. (Gawker)

Except: Turns out there was more press than protesters there. (Clusterstock)

GE Capital: Everything is juuuuust fiiiiiiiiine. (AP)

The Donald: Blue-collar workers taking over a fancy tennis club owned by Donald Trump? Cityfile smells a revolution! (Cityfile)

Wilbur Ross: Predictin’ 800 more bank failures. Doesn’t that sound familiar? (Reuters)

Ah, clever: JetBlue has produced a series of videos teaching CEOs how to fly coach (have the assistant to your assistant book your flight). (Welcome Big Wigs)

Recession-Proof? Not so much. Why the defense industry is in for some lean years. (Economist)

Furthermore: Moneybox tells us why Congress’ confrontation with Edward Liddy was a failure. (Slate)

Unsubstantiated: But slight mildly interesting, I suppose. An insiders look at white collar crime. (Zero Hedge)

Wow: Disney is opening a T. Rowe Price-sponsored exhibit that teaches families about finance. In other news, Disneyworld is now only slightly more fun than study hall. (Dealscape)