5th Planet Games attracts $3 mln growth capital

5th Planet Games is to receive $3 million in growth capital from DCA Capital Partners and Moneta Ventures. The company is a developer of core, free-to-play games on web and mobile platforms.


5th Planet Games, Inc., a leading developer of core, free-to-play games on web and mobile platforms, today announced that it is slated to receive $3 million in growth capital from Sacramento-area investment firms DCA Capital Partners and Moneta Ventures. The funding will be used to accelerate the development of new titles and support the company’s aggressive marketing and growth initiatives, on both web and mobile platforms. Curt Rocca, General Partner of DCA Capital Partners and Lokesh Sikaria of Moneta Ventures will join the company’s board of directors.

“Our success to date has come by building the types of games that we want to play ourselves and by involving our player community as an integral part of our strategy,” said Robert Winkler, co-founder and CEO of 5th Planet Games. “Our growth from a small indie studio to where we are today reflects the strong demand for our unique style of games, and this infusion of capital will allow us to grow even faster, especially on mobile platforms.”

5th Planet Games develops and publishes core Role Playing Games (RPGs) such as Dawn of the Dragons and Legacy of a Thousand Suns, as well as the Collectible Card Game (CCG) Clash of the Dragons. Available on numerous web and mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Facebook, Kongregate, Kabam, Armor Games and more, 5th Planet’s games are known for featuring extensive storylines, immersive gameplay, and strong community connections that bring players together through guilds, alliances, raids and other social interactions.

“The fact that 5th Planet Games was able to grow as quickly as it has without taking any prior investment is the sign of a well-run and innovative company which is truly in touch with its player community,” said Curt Rocca with DCA Capital. “We are extremely impressed with the management team’s vision and commitment to optimizing the gaming experience for its loyal player community, and we are honored to partner with them as they continue to build upon their successful tack record.”

“Mobile represents a huge growth opportunity for the entire gaming sector, and 5th Planet Games has been able to attract a very loyal and very passionate following among the mobile core-gaming audience. Most of the capital is earmarked for the Company to create more great games, and to market those games to a broader audience around the world,” said Lokesh Sikaria of Moneta Ventures.

“It is also great to have the two leading regionally-focused investment firms collaborating to create more local success stories,” continued DCA’s Rocca. “We are pleased to be partnered with Moneta on this endeavor, and are confident that both investor groups can contribute to 5th Planet’s future success.”

5th Planet Games, which has grown from a team of four in 2009 to more than 70 employees today, currently has several new games in development, with other strategic initiatives slated for the rest of the year. The funds will also be used to hire for positions in game design, marketing, community management, finance and other key roles.

About 5th Planet Games
5th Planet Games is an independent developer of core, free-to-play games designed for casual gamers and hardcore enthusiasts alike. Established in 2009, the company’s mission is to build games that the employees themselves would want to play, and the results are several successful Role Playing Games (RPGs) including Dawn of the Dragons, Legacy of a Thousand Suns and Clash of the Dragons. The company’s games appear on web and mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Facebook, Kongregate, Kabam, Armor Games and others. 5th Planet Games is headquartered in Rocklin, California. For more information, visitwww.5thplanetgames.com.

About DCA Capital Partners
DCA Capital Partners, LP provides expansion capital to growth–oriented, middle–market businesses in underserved communities across California and the Southwest, where such growth capital has historically been unavailable or difficult to access. The Fund provides promising later–stage companies, typically in the range of $10–100 million in revenues, with the additional capital and expertise needed to successfully expand and extend their businesses. For more information, visit www.dcapartners.com.

About Moneta Ventures
Moneta Ventures enables entrepreneurs to grow their early stage companies by providing capital, guidance, and operational support. Moneta Ventures invests in early-mid stage companies in the software and cloud services, IT services, and internet and consumer services sectors. Moneta Ventures focuses on highly differentiated companies with highly-scalable business models. For more information, visit www.monetaventures.com.