Adam Nash To Join Greylock As EIR

Greylock Partners said Wednesday that Adam Nash will join the firm next month as an executive-in-residence. He will work on both the investing side and with company creation. Nash was most recently a vice president of product management at LinkedIn and served before that at eBay and Apple.


Welcome Adam Nash!

October 5, 2011 — I’m very happy to announce that Adam Nash will be joining Greylock next month as an Executive-in-Residence. In that role, Adam will work on both investing in companies and in helping to create them, and he’s bringing quite a lot to the team at Greylock.

Like all of us at Greylock, Adam is a product-oriented operator at heart, and his background shows that. I’ve known & worked with him in many contexts, reaching back nearly 20 years — I actually first got to work with him when he was young student at Stanford.

After starting his career as a software engineer at Apple (working on WebObjects!) and a product manager at Preview Systems, he attended HBS followed by time working for Atlas Venture.

More recently he was a Director at eBay where he was the general manager for the team responsible for eBay Express in North America — a fundamental shift in how eBay worked.

And of course he’s coming to us now from his role as Vice President, Product Management at LinkedIn, where over the last 4 years he’s been responsible for starting and running their User Experience & Design team, leading product strategy for much of the site, and leading their search & cloud efforts, developer platform work, and their mobile products, not to mention starting their Hackdays.  (If you haven’t taken a look at their new iPhone app, you should — in my view it’s a state of the art mix of HTML5 and native mobile technology.)

He’s also got a fantastic curiosity and interest in all things Silicon Valley & technology, having written about topics like the Cultural Importance of T-Shirts and how Designers Can Get the Most out of their Product Managers.

And at one point, I’m pretty sure he was the mayor of FarmVille.

It’s been fantastic to work together with Adam so many times over the past 20 years — I’m even more excited to add him to the investment team here at Greylock.

Welcome, Adam!