AdSafe Media Inks $10m from Pelion, Atlas and Coriolis

AdSafe Media has secured a $10 million round of funding from Pelion Venture Partners, Atlas Venture and Coriolis Ventures. Headquartered in New York City with operations in San Francisco and London, AdSafe provides preventative ad safety solutions for advertisers, agencies and publishers.


AdSafe Media, the leading source of brand protection and ad viewability data, today announced a $10 million round of funding from Pelion Venture Partners, Atlas Venture and Coriolis Ventures. AdSafe is a recognized leader in preventative ad safety solutions for advertisers, agencies and publishers. The company provides best-in-breed content rating technology, predictive contextual metrics and viewability data for online ad-buying decisions, including those sold through real-time-bidding (RTB) platforms. The funding will be used to further expand its data science team and existing suite of solutions across RTB, mobile, video and viewability. AdSafe also has plans for global growth in 2012 with new offices and enhanced services to international partners.

AdSafe Media provides a proactive solution for buyers and sellers of online media that enables brand safety without sacrificing campaign scale. Fully integrated into every step of a digital ad journey from primary server through to the viewer, it blocks ads from appearing on predetermined inappropriate content at the page level, redirecting the impression to the best possible online environment based on the advertiser’s unique content preferences. For real-time-bidding decisions, AdSafe reduces dependency on cookie targeting by assisting advertisers in setting bid prices based on ad viewability and contextual metrics, opening up a myriad of new opportunities to reach relevant audiences across the web and add value to undervalued inventory.

“Over the last year, AdSafe has emerged as the largest provider of brand protection solutions and is fast becoming the standard in ad safety for both buyers and sellers of media,” says Ben Dahl, a partner at Pelion Venture Partners who joined AdSafe’s board of directors. “AdSafe is best in class with a clear technological advantage. It has been ahead of the market in ad safety, has grown 6x year over year and is poised to become the standard in content ratings and viewability metrics as well.”

“AdSafe is committed to working with all players across the RTB chain and ad platforms to make media more efficient and optimize targeting through proactive, actionable data,” said Scott Knoll, CEO of AdSafe Media. “No brand wants to be associated with inappropriate content, and we are the most effective at ensuring they don’t. Beyond that, we help brands target the optimal content — not just the safest — by scoring and measuring ad viewability, engagement potential and more, all without a reliance on cookies. This investment will enable us to fulfill our potential to be the most trusted source of real-time-bidding decision data.”

About Pelion Venture Partners Since 1986, Pelion Venture Partners has been helping entrepreneurs turn early-stage concepts into tomorrow’s industry-leading companies. The Pelion team is hands-on in its approach and works collaboratively on each portfolio company over the life of an investment. Pelion Ventures has invested in 92 companies over the last 25 years, resulting in 14 IPOs and 34 M&A exits. In addition to AdSafe, Pelion oversees investments in a range of enterprise software, healthcare, information technology and security firms. Current and previous portfolio companies include: Riverbed Technologies, Red Hat, Fusion-io, MXLogic, Carefx, Angioscore, Conviva, Mojiva, Soasta and Cloudflare.
About AdSafe Media AdSafe Media is the digital advertising industry’s recognized leader in brand protection and ad engagement data. Its content rating system is the only solution that scores and evaluates the brand safety and context of web pages on the individual page level. AdSafe’s suite of real-time data feeds for RTB provide the only predictive ad viewability information, brand safety ratings, and contextual analysis to better inform brands’/DSPs’ purchasing decisions through trading platforms. AdSafe is headquartered in New York City with operations in San Francisco and London.

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