Aldus Alums Form LEA Advisors

A trio of former Aldus Equity executives, including firm co-founder Marcellus Taylor, have formed a new Dallas-based firm called LEA Advisors.

None of the principals are talking yet, but word is that the firm will be a fund-of-funds and co-investment platform focused on emerging managers. Kind of a catch-22 strategy. On the one hand, there is an abundance of emerging managers trying to raise first-time funds (as Erin noted here), which means LEA would have great “dealflow.” On the other hand, however, LEA itself is an emerging manager, which means it could have serious difficulty getting its cash together.

The only silver lining to that last part is that LEA may have secured some capital commitments before all hell broke loose last fall. A source says that Taylor gave up his Aldus ownership interest in January 2008, and has since served in a consulting role (Aldus’ website still lists him as a partner). It’s unclear when his fellow LEA co-founders Kevin Sample and Wayne Green officially changed addresses.