Aldus Chief Out?

I’m worried that this column is beginning to resemble PE Consultants in Trouble, an unpopular straight-to-video flick from 1983. But since the material keeps coming, I’ll keep reporting it. 

Today’s news involves Aldus Equity Partners, a Dallas-based shop founded in 1998. Sources tell me that Aldus’ partners have effectively ousted firm founder Saul Meyer, and now are in the process of informing clients. I’m getting muddled tales as to the specific backroom politics, so will hold off until there is something more concrete. Both Meyer and an Aldus spokesman declined comment. Ditto for certain Aldus clients like Wal-Mart.


This seems to be a reverse negative of the Pacific Corporate Group situation, since the Aldus partners gained firm control at the founder’s expense (and only one person is leaving, compared to four). But it is worth noting that the two firms share a few clients, including the beleaguered New York City public pension systems. I really can’t make this stuff up…