AmerAlia Buys Remaining 82 Percent of Natural Soda Holdings

Rifle, Colo.-based AmerAlia Inc. acquired the shares it did not already own in Natural Soda Holdings Inc. AmerAlia exchanged 286.1 million company shares for the remaining 82 percent stake in the producer of baking soda. The seller was Sentient Group, a private equity investor as well as AmerAlia’s largest shareholder.


AmerAlia, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: AALA), a developer of natural resources, has announced that on June 30, 2010, it acquired all the outstanding stock in Natural Soda Holdings, Inc. (“NSHI”) to secure 100% ownership.

AmerAlia has issued 286,119,886 shares of its common stock in exchange for 82% of the outstanding NSHI stock it did not already own. NSHI wholly owns Natural Soda Inc (“NSI”).

The acquisition was from The Sentient Group, a private equity investor in natural resources throughout the world. It manages in excess of $1.3 billion and is AmerAlia’s largest shareholder.

AmerAlia’s Chairman, Bill Gunn, said, “The acquisition is a milestone for the company. It fulfills our longstanding ambition to own, largely debt free, all of the water assets and the profitable sodium bicarbonate operations located in the Piceance Creek Basin in North West Colorado, held by NSHI and NSI.”

“Our water rights are estimated at a maximum entitlement of 108,812 acre feet (over 35 billion gallons) of water annually under certain conditions, for agricultural, industrial and municipal purposes,” he said.

The acquisition positions AmerAlia, Inc. with strong revenue opportunities for the new financial year.

“We are considering several possible uses for our extensive water rights in addition to further developing our profitable and growing sodium bicarbonate business,” Mr Gunn said.

NSI’s sodium bicarbonate operations are also located in Colorado where the company owns 9,543 acres of Federal Government, Department of the Interior, sodium leases.

NSI produces and sells more than 100,000 tons of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) each year, making AmerAlia one of the larger producers of sodium bicarbonate in North America.

The sodium bicarbonate has many uses in various industries including food, pharmaceutical, industrial and animal nutrition.

“We have also identified large deposits of oil shale contained within the sodium leases, and we are now investigating certain proprietary technologies to recover oil from the shale,” Mr. Gunn said.

“Whilst we currently do not have title to any oil shale contained within our sodium leases, we have applied for a research development and demonstration lease covering these oil shale deposits.

“We are most grateful to The Sentient Group and all our shareholders for their patience and continued support of AmerAlia from its inception to this satisfactory position today,” he said.

Mr. Gunn advised that interested shareholders should review the Form 8K recently filed with the SEC for more information about the transaction.

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SOURCE AmerAlia, Inc.