AnyPerk secures seed round

Employee benefit business AnyPerk has received $3 million in funding bringing its total seed round to $4.5 million. Founded in 2012, AnyPerk is headquartered in San Francisco.


AnyPerk, which brings delight and recognition back into the everyday life of employees at companies of any size, announced today it has received an additional $3 million in funding to bring its total Seed Round to $4.5 million[MS1] . The company believes employee happiness is a business problem, and has created a perks platform to help its customers easily recognize and reward employees with the kinds of perks once only available to a few blue-chip organizations with deep pockets.
“We founded AnyPerk because employee happiness is undervalued. It sounds abstract, but it’s not. Happy employees are twice as productive at work, but only one in five employees reports being happy at their job,” said AnyPerk CEO Taro Fukuyama. “With AnyPerk, companies of every size have an easier way to attract, value and recognize their employees, at any scale. And it works. We are hearing from gigantic companies and small ones too, that these kinds of perks make a difference.”

Investors in the latest round for the Y-Combinator graduate include Tony Hsieh[MS2] , Internet entrepreneur, venture capitalist and author of Delivering Happiness; Tien Tzuo, CEO of Zuora; and billionaire real estate developer and Miami Dolphin owner, Stephan Ross, among other high-profile investors. They join original investors Andreessen-Horowitz, SV Angel and YCombinator, as well as institutional investors like Digital Garage, Funders Club, and Cyber Agents.
AnyPerk has negotiated over 400 perks for its customers, often by company request to fit their employees’ lifestyles, ranging from discounted pet sitting to gym memberships to vacation discounts.
“We invested in AnyPerk because employee happiness has been fundamental to our success at Zappos,” said Zach Ware, who along with Tony Hsieh invested in AnyPerk through the Vegas Tech Fund. “We think many companies intuitively understand how happiness can improve workplace culture and productivity, but have lacked a simple way to deliver it. AnyPerk has designed a way to make perks and recognition easy for benefits managers but still personal and customized to employees. It’s a crucial win-win, because our experience is that happier employees usually lead to happier customers.”
AnyPerk will use the round to scale its business and continue to build on its brand promise of helping companies delight employees. Specifically, the seed round will be used to:
• Enhance the AnyPerk platform by expanding its product suite
• Increase the number of exclusive, in-demand perks
• Build a mobile app to make delivery and redemption of perks even easier
• Grow its sales, marketing and developer teams
“It’s been great to have AnyPerk, because suddenly all our people have access to the same kinds of perks and recognition they might get at a more established company,” said Kim Otis, People Operations Business Partner at ZenDesk. “We are growing so fast, and we ‘ve been searching for a way to show our employees how much we value each person’s role in our success. AnyPerk turns out to be exactly what we need, at a super-affordable price point,” Otis added.
“When you have a workforce of thousands of people in multiple markets, of all ages and backgrounds, whom you want to reward, you appreciate the work that AnyPerk has done to not only make its platform uncomplicated and easy for a manager to use, but also customizable for the employees you want to gratify,” said Rich Borges, Managing Director, Global Travel and Procurement for Cushman-Wakefield.

AnyPerk currently has over 2,500 clients nationwide and has more than tripled the number of employees on their team. “Many companies that begin as partners become customers as well,” Fukuyama added. “We hear every day that this is the future of corporate perks.”
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About AnyPerk
AnyPerk is changing the way companies big and small attract and retain employees. AnyPerk’s mission is to deliver perks and rewards that employees will actually redeem. By providing perks negotiated exclusively for AnyPerk customers and delivering an easy-to-use rewards portal, we help companies delight their employees and strengthen the employer-employee bond. Founded in 2012, AnyPerk is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in xxxx and xxxx.