ArcLight Capital backs EV solutions company Inspiration

ArcLight Capital Partners has committed $200 million to Inspiration.

ArcLight Capital Partners has committed $200 million to Inspiration. Based in Washington, D.C., Inspiration is a one-stop EV solutions company.


WASHINGTON, D.C., – November 10, 2021 – Inspiration, the first one-stop EV solutions company to both finance electric vehicles and build, own and operate the charging infrastructure enabling the EV transition, announced its launch today. Featuring a founding team that brings together expertise in automotive finance, fleet management, clean energy infrastructure and real estate, Inspiration provides light and medium-duty fleets with end-to-end solutions that maximize the economic benefits of an electric vehicle fleet. To offer this comprehensive solution to fleet operators and other industry participants, Inspiration secured an initial $200 million in capital commitment from ArcLight Energy Partners Fund VII.

“As the global shift toward electric vehicles gains momentum, Inspiration helps fleet operators configure and optimize all the elements of EV deployment, from concept to operations. We founded Inspiration to streamline the complex process of deploying a commercial EV fleet at scale by offering a one-stop, integrated solution for any and all vehicle, energy, project development and finance challenges that may arise in the process,” said Josh Green, Founder & CEO of Inspiration. “Our mission is to accelerate the EV transition, delivering tangible economic value to our partners while enabling the emission reduction benefits of EVs. We’re thrilled to be partnering with ArcLight, an industry leader with deep expertise in energy markets, infrastructure and advanced mobility and logistics, to support us in executing our vision.”

“The partnership with Inspiration furthers ArcLight’s strategy of investing in the clean transition space via differentiated business models that leverage our industry know-how and experience,” said Marco Gatti, Managing Director at ArcLight. “Inspiration represents an exceptional opportunity to support a seasoned management team of industry experts that is poised to drive profitable growth through its unique value proposition to EV fleet owners, which will in turn help accelerate decarbonization of the transportation sector. We look forward to supporting the team as they continue developing Inspiration’s customized solutions for the EV industry.”

Inspiration is already making a difference in New York City, where the company has partnered with EV ridehail innovator Revel. Revel turned to Inspiration to procure its fleet of distinctive blue Teslas for on-demand transportation in Manhattan and leases its growing fleet of vehicles from Inspiration.

“The transition to electric can’t wait another decade – it has to happen now,” said Paul Suhey, Revel Co-Founder and Head of Rideshare & EV Infrastructure. “Through our partnership with Inspiration, we’ve made it easier than ever for New Yorkers to choose emissions-free mobility options by introducing the city’s first all-electric rideshare fleet.”

With the imperative to cut carbon emissions from transport more urgent than ever and a rapidly-expanding list of exciting EV models available, the EV revolution has arrived. Fleet operators who take the lead in deploying EV fleets now will reap the financial, operational and brand benefits for decades to come. Electrifying fleets not only reduces emissions, but also reduces costs and fleet downtime. Electricity is a less expensive, less volatile fuel source than gasoline and diesel, and EVs require less maintenance, with fewer days lost to servicing than conventional vehicles. Operators can also realize savings thanks to federal tax credits, and state and utility incentives. Inspiration brings together all of these benefits for its clients in a customized, affordable and stress-free way.

About Inspiration
Inspiration is the first purpose-built EV solutions company. Our mission is to accelerate the electrification of transportation by partnering with fleet businesses to finance vehicles and deliver turnkey charging solutions to enable the rapid deployment of reliable, low-cost, zero-emissions EV fleets. Acting as a partner and system integrator, Inspiration designs and implements a custom solution that ensures every fleet electrification is seamless. Whether a company is a traditional fleet operator looking to transition to EVs or an electric mobility business launched as EV-only from the start, Inspiration can help. Companies interested in electrifying or expanding their fleets can learn more at