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Audax-backed Mobileum buys Niometrics

Mobileum, which is backed by Audax Private Equity, has acquired Niometrics, a neural network analysis provider.

Mobileum, which is backed by Audax Private Equity, has acquired Niometrics, a neural network analysis provider. No financial terms were disclosed.


CUPERTINO , Calif., June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Mobileum Inc. (“Mobileum”), a leading global provider of analytics solutions for roaming and network services, security, risk management, and testing and monitoring solutions, has is pleased to announce that it has acquired Niometrics, a neural network analysis provider.

The acquisition extends Mobileum’s actionable analytics platform with discovery, engagement and customer experience capabilities, enabling communications service providers (PSCs) to identify new revenue streams and improve the customer experience across the entire customer lifecycle .

Mobileum’s Active Intelligence platform is a leading telecommunications-focused analytics technology that supports roaming, network services, security, risk management and testing.

The acquisition of Niometrics will enrich Mobileum’s existing solutions with neural network analysis and applied machine learning, while expanding its portfolio with customer intelligence solutions. Mobileum’s expanded platform will deliver deeper network data, a 360-degree customer view and enhanced data privacy control to accelerate growth and improve customer retention. The two companies have already secured contracts together and are experienced in integrating their products to solve high-impact customer use cases.

“The addition of Niometrics to Mobileum’s portfolio further reinforces our strategy of providing telecom operators with a complete analytics engine that not only strengthens their network and interconnection and secures their business, but also gives them the network intelligence they need to grow their business. revenue and improve customer experience as they deploy 5G and grow their business. Niometrics’ proven technology and respected team of industry experts make this acquisition the perfect choice to accelerate Mobileum’s growth strategy,” commented Bobby Srinivasan , CEO of Mobileum.

“Communication service providers have unparalleled direct access to customer preferences, data consumption and loyalty trends. With the analytical power to leverage these data points, PSCs can now leverage this data to segment their sales and marketing department. , personalize the end-user relationship, build new digital partnerships and monetize data, while handling all privacy and data protections in place. By combining our product portfolios, we will be able to provide unique data to PSCs at every point of customer contact and ensure they can consistently exceed expectations regarding customer experience and service performance,” commented Kostas Anagnostakis , CEO of Niometrics.

Niometrics’ neural network analysis (DNA) platform, which includes real-time data analytics, advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, and neural packet inspection (DPI) capabilities English), will now be part of Mobileum’s Active Intelligence platform. Active Intelligence will provide the critical data providers need for network operations, roaming, business assurance, testing, service assurance and customer engagement.

Headquartered in Singapore, Niometrics’ 150+ employees will join Mobileum, strengthening Mobileum’s global team of more than 1,800 employees and expanding its engineering center in Asia. This acquisition will further expand the ability to serve Mobileum’s 900+ telecommunications customers. After closing this acquisition, nine out of ten telecom operators will depend on Mobileum’s solutions.

About Audax Private Equity
Audax Group is a leading alternative investment manager with offices in Boston , New York and San Francisco. Since its founding in 1999, the company has raised more than $27 billion in capital from its private equity and private debt businesses. Audax Private Equity has invested more than $6 billion in more than 135 platforms and more than 950 complementary companies, and is currently investing through its sixth $3.5 private equity financing.billion. Through its disciplined approach to buying and building, Audax seeks to help platform companies make complementary acquisitions that drive revenue growth, optimize operations and significantly increase capital value. With more than 250 employees and more than 100 investment professionals, the firm is a leading equity partner for mid-market US companies. For more information, visit the Audax Private Equity website: or follow us on LinkedIn .

About Niometrics
Niometrics is a network analysis company that provides solutions for communication service providers (PSCs) to develop strategies and make decisions related to digital start-ups, customer experience management and network planning and optimization.

Analyzing a combined base of more than 500 million subscribers who consume and exchange more than 60 PB of data daily, Niometrics’ unique Neural Network Analysis (DNA) technology extracts, processes and transforms complex network data in real time. , which allows PSCs to take better and more timely actions to promote the highest return on business investment.

Niometrics partners with some of the largest telecommunications providers in the world. Headquartered in Singapore, the company has operations and R&D centers across the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and the Middle East.
Visit to learn more.

About Mobileum Inc.
Mobileum is a leading provider of telecommunications analytics for roaming, network services, security, risk management, and domestic and international connectivity testing. More than 900 operators rely on its Active Intelligence platform, which offers advanced analytics solutions, enabling customers to connect operational intelligence with real-time actions that increase revenue, improve customer experience and reduce costs. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Mobileum has international offices in Dubai , Germany, India, Portugal , Singapore and the UK.