Babbel Learns VC Language

Lesson Nine GmbH, operator of online language learning site, has raised an undisclosed amount of VC funding from German firms Kizoo and VC Fonds Berlin.


Today was backed with significant investments by Kizoo and VC Fonds Berlin. The language learning website, product of the year old Berlin company, Lesson Nine GmbH, already shows substantial growth in its user base after only six months online. Building on its playful and intuitive style, the website will expand significantly in the coming months.


Following this funding milestone, today is releasing a preview of new tutorial formats which are currently in closed beta testing. These will cater to an even broader range of learning styles, introducing grammar lessons ranging from basic to intermediate levels.


Users can now look forward to improvements on's one-of-a-kind features for social networking and innovative vocabulary building tools in French, English, Spanish, Italian and German.

The new tutorials offer learning exercises like fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice in's dynamic interactive environment. Organized according to theme and proficiency level, they will be followed by a tool for more advanced speakers and language educators to create their own tutorials with an easy to use community course editor's program.


A showcase of these new features with descriptions and screenshots is available for viewing at Until today's investment, the one year old German startup Lesson Nine GmbH was privately funded by its four founders. The enthusiastic group is comprised of technology experts, an entrepreneur, and an online marketing expert with many years of collective experience in the German software industry. The company will now add both to the in-house staff and to a core group of freelance collaborators, who as native speakers are responsible for much of's content and upkeep.


About Lesson Nine

Founders Thomas Holl and Toine Diepstraten have nearly two decades of collective experience in application development, IT management, community cultivation and interactive media between them.


The rest of the Babbel team reflects a thoughtful balance of new-media savvy and academic foundation. Managing Director of Product Design and Finance Lorenz Heine was a co-founder and CFO of Native Instruments and has extensive entrepreneurial experience in the software industry. Markus Witte, Managing Director of Marketing and Content, has a background including not only extensive online marketing and management experience but also an academic grounding in language, cultural theory and media. Content Manager Ulrike Kerbstat holds Master's degrees in language instruction and interpreting, and is fluent in German, English and French.