Best Conference Giftbag… Ever

VC in the Rockies has issued a challenge to all other industry conferences: Step up your schwag game. 

The typical conference giftbag has the following: Three pens, two packs of mini-mints, one flash drive, one stress ball, some brochures and a recent copy of The Deal.

The VC in the Rockies giftbag, however, includes: One iPod shuffle (from the conference), a small electric screwdriver with multiple inputs (from Holland & Hart), a mini survival kit that includes a flashlight, pocket knife and compass (from Comerica Bank), sunscreen (GreenbergTraurig), a Spider ski cap (vanglider), an energy drink (Go Fast), a skiing DVD (viaWest), chapstick (Faegre & Benson), a travel mug (SBV), an issue of Venture Capital Journal and, of course, mini-mints (Quist Valuation). Plus the totebag itself (from KPMG).

Now it’s certainly true that two of these gifts could present some TSA problems when we arrive at the airport, but most of us had to check bags in order to pack our ski stuff. In other words, no big deal (although Brad Feld publicly offered to collect any spare pocket knives).

So come on other conference organizers (Daddy Thomson included), let’s see you top this.