Best Movies of 2009 (VC Edition)

Finally saw Avatar over the holidays, and James Cameron has done it again. I can definitely see it winning the Oscar for Best Picture.

But now that 2009 has ended, it’s time to make some real Oscar predictions for the all of the best movies of the past year. So, here is my list of the Best Movies of 2009, Venture Capital (VC) style:


Best Movie of the Year

– Best Movie about 2008: The Blind Side
– Best Movie about 2009: The Hangover
– Best Movie about 2010: Up

Portfolio Companies

– Best Original Score, Top Performer in Portfolio category: I Love You, Man
– Comeback Award, Company Recap category: Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen
– Razzie Award, Worst Companies in Portfolio (tie): Old Dogs and Zombieland

Exit Environment

– Best Producer, M&A Exits category: It’s Complicated
– Worst Short Subject, Companies With No Exit category: Hotel for Dogs
– Best Editing, Predicting Return of IPO Market category: 2012


– Best Movie, Infrastructure category: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
– Best Movie, e-Tailing category: Confessions of a Shopaholic
– Best Movie, Social Networks category: Fired Up
– Best Movie, Mobile category: All About Steve


– Best Movie Depicting Fundraise Process: (500) Days of Summer
– Best Movie Depicting LP Senitment: Up in the Air
– Best Actor by a Placement Agent: Angels & Demons

Fund Management

– Best Makeup, Fund Performance category: This Is It
– Best Visual Effects, FAS-157 category: Observe and Report
– Worst Screenplay, Carried Interest Legislation category: Public Enemies
– Worst Special Effects, Canopy Financial category: The Invention of Lying