Black Diamond Capital appoints new CEO and COO

Black Diamond Capital Partners Ltd has named Robert Torres and Anthony Clark, CEO and chief operating officer, respectively. According to the company, Jeffrey Howard, a co-founder of the firm, has resigned as chairman and CEO “to pursue other endeavors.” Prior to his new appointment, Torres was the executive vice president of North America operations for Black Diamond. And, although he is leaving the company, Howard will not be exiting his stake in Black Diamond.



Toronto, ON. The Board of Directors of Black Diamond Capital Partners Ltd., announced today that Jeffery Howard has resigned his position as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Black Diamond Capital Partners to pursue other endeavours.

Robert (Bob) Torres has been appointed Chief Executive Officer and Anthony (Tony) Clark, Chief Operating Officer respectively.

Bob Torres has held the position of Executive Vice Present of North American Operations for the past 5 years and as Chief Executive Officer brings a wealth of knowledge to this position, and he will work closely with Tony Clark to further the goals and endeavors of the company.

The Board of Directors knows that the combination of Bob Torres and Tony Clark’s strengths and talents will allow Black Diamond to continue the dominate role in proving funding for constructions, purchase and acquisition of real estate projects.

Jeffrey Howard is one of the founders of Black Diamond and has elected to leave the capital invested in Black Diamond.

We wish to thank Jeffrey for his service to Black Diamond and wish him well on his new ventures.