Blink Raises $30 Million

Blink, a European air taxi startup, has raised $30 million in private equity funding from undisclosed investors. It also announced that it will launch operations in May, and that it has placed an order for 30 Cessna Citation Mustangs. The Blink service will be managed by European charter operator TAG Aviation.




Blink, Europe's first air taxi service, announced today that it will commence operations in May 2008, having successfully completed a $30 million round of equity funding with European investors and placed a 30 aircraft order for the Cessna Citation Mustang earlier this year.


Blink's $30 million equity funding makes it one of the most well funded air-taxi operators globally. The investment size ensures that Blink is sufficiently funded to rapidly grow to be the efficient choice for short-haul business travel and fundamentally change business travel in Europe.


Blink will offer the efficiency and convenience of private air travel at a price which is competitive with commercial business class fares. Travellers will arrive at one of Blink's convenient London hubs ten minutes before their flight departs, board the aircraft immediately and take-off without delay.


Blink will use the next generation Cessna Citation Mustang jet aircraft, a light and fuel efficient business jet that seats up to four passengers and can land and take-off from over 800 airports in Europe