Blue Chip Venture Company leads $4.3 mln funding in Core2 Group

Blue Chip Venture Company has led a $4.3 million funding round in Core2 Group. Core2 Group provides a platform that allows companies to track digital performance. The company will use the funding to build its data analytics team to expand international coverage.

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Core2 Group, a provider of Digital Footprint Data™ solutions, raised $4.3 million during the company’s first round of funding with Blue Chip Venture Company, of Cincinnati, Ohio, as the lead investor. Core2 will use the investment to broaden its business development activities and continue to enhance its suite of predictive business and economic performance solutions. Furthermore, Core2 plans to add to its data analytics team to expand their international coverage and also increase data acquisition efforts.

According to Tom Dailey, the CEO and Founder of Core2 Group, “Core2 has spent the last year developing, testing and validating our solutions in capital markets, B2B business development, economic insights and supply/demand chain forecasting. Core2 solutions have proven to deliver unique early insights up to 60 days before other data sources, allowing our partners and customers to take the lead on execution.” Jack Wyant, the Managing Director of Blue Chip Venture Company, agrees, stating, “Blue Chip is very excited about the potential of Core2. Tom Dailey has an outstanding track record with us at IXI Corporation, and he understands how to scale and build a successful company based on innovative, big data solutions.”

Core2 Group has developed unique authoritative daily solutions, providing performance indicators for public and private companies in emerging, developed and frontier markets. With an initial focus in capital markets, B2B business development and risk, and economic insights, Core2 Group is expanding its data solutions to new vertical markets, like brand momentum and health tracking, working with each vertical’s largest, most advanced partners.

About Core2 Group, Inc.

Core2 Group, Inc. is a solutions-based provider of digital activity data from website, email and machine-to-machine traffic. Offering daily predictive insights on business, brand and economic performance for small businesses and public firms, Core2 helps companies monitor and track digital performance for the company, peers and sectors. The foundation of Core2 Group’s solutions is its unique Digital Footprint Data™, a daily global authoritative data source covering 1.3+ million companies and 5000+ brands across 150+ industries and within 200 countries. Core2 currently serves several market verticals, including capital markets, small business credit risk, small business prospecting and performance, global economic insights, private equity and brand momentum. To learn more, visit or email

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