Blue Delta Capital Fund II raises $150 mln

Blue Delta Capital Partners said Sept. 25 that its latest fund closed at its $150 million hard cap. The target for Blue Delta Capital Fund II was $125 million. Blue Delta Capital Partners, of McLean, Virginia, is a venture firm focused on the U.S. government technology market.


Blue Delta Capital Partners Closes Latest Fund at $150M Hard Cap
Blue Delta Capital Fund II was over-subscribed and raised in less than four months

Blue Delta Capital Partners is pleased to announce that the firm has closed on its latest fund at a hard cap of $150 million, well over the initial $125 million target, and completed fundraising within four months. This new fund will follow the firm’s well-established strategy of growth stage venture capital investments (non-controlling ownership positions) in the U.S. Government Services sector.

“We are excited to announce our newest fund, which has attracted a world-class institutional investor base,” said General Partner Mark Frantz. “We are humbled and flattered to have received an exceptional response from the marketplace during this raise.”

“To be over-subscribed, even on our hard cap, is a testament to the companies we have been privileged to invest in and help grow. Our investing approach of properly aligning our incentives with those of the management teams that we back has created dynamic partnerships that have helped build a number of great companies,” said General Partner Kevin Robbins.

General Partner Phil Nolan added, “We were able to quickly assemble our 3rd pool of capital given our well-defined track record of successfully partnering with leading entrepreneurs in Government Services to produce superior results for all shareholders in the companies that we back, and we are already putting this fund to work with new $10 to $30 million growth stage venture capital investments in the sector.”

“The depth of our team’s operating and venture capital investing experience makes us a unique partner for leading Government Services companies in the region and across the nation. Amongst the investment team and the Advisory Board, we have founded almost a dozen companies in the sector, served as CEO or CFO/COO of over a dozen companies in Government Services and we have created tens of billions of shareholder value from the dozens of M&A and IPO exits we have been involved in,” said General Partner Dave Keffer.

Cooley LLP (Aaron Velli) serves as fund counsel.

About Blue Delta Capital Partners
Blue Delta is a growth stage venture capital firm focused on the U.S. Government Services market. We started in late 2009 to fill a void in the marketplace, by providing equity capital to entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses, but without selling controlling ownership stakes in their companies or constraining growth by taking on excessive levels of debt. We are a deep team with decades of proven experience, in both C-suite operational roles and venture capital investing, and we strive every day to deliver value beyond our capital to the companies with whom we partner.