Blue Hackle Adds Directors from Torch Hill

Risk management company Blue Hackle Group, which is backed by Torch Hill Investment Partners, has added two directors from the firm. Retired U.S. General John Abizaid, an operating partner at Torch Hill, joins the company’s board. George Lund, chairman of Torch Hill’s executive committee, also joined the board.


Blue Hackle Group, an American firm specializing in risk mitigation and risk management, today announced that retired U.S. General John P. Abizaid has joined the firm’s Board of Directors.

General Abizaid’s distinguished military career included command of infantry and airborne units, Director of Strategic Plans and Policy (J5) on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as well as command of the United States Central Command (CENTCOM). He also served as Commandant of the U.S. Military Academy (West Point), from which he had earlier graduated. General Abizaid is an Operating Partner of Torch Hill Investment Partners, which recently made a major investment in Blue Hackle Group.

Blue Hackle CEO Michael Raper welcomed Abizaid, saying, “John’s analytical and command abilities combined with his on the ground experience make him an ideal addition to our Board.”

Also joining the Board is George Lund, Chairman of Torch Hill’s Executive Committee and an experienced chief executive and successful investor with an extensive background in private equity, commercial banking, and international project finance. Mr. Lund is a member of Business Executives for National Security, The Atlantic Council, and the Threat Finance Working Group.

Other members of the five-person Board are:

* Michael Raper, CEO and a founding member of the firm. Prior to Blue Hackle, Raper was head of an international security consulting group and responsible for the company’s kidnap and ransom solutions group. Mr. Raper served in the Special Branch of the British police with responsibilities in counter-terrorism, counter-espionage, counter-subversion and counter-proliferation.

* Lachlan Monro, Blue Hackle’s COO, oversees the firm’s daily performance. Prior to founding Blue Hackle, he was a director of a security consulting group, where he was responsible for the management of the company’s prime USAID contract, its largest in Iraq.

* General Sir Jeremy Mackenzie GCB OBE is Chairman of the Board. He served as Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, supporting three Supreme Capital Allied Commanders over four years, having special responsibility for the Partnership for Peace Programme involving 27 nations of Central and Eastern Europe, the Expansion of NATO, and the force generation of NATO forces in the former Republic of Yugoslavia, Bosnia and latterly Kosovo.

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