Borgman Capital acquires three companies

Borgman Capital has made three acquisitions: Derco Manufacturing, a metal fabricator that makes ergonomic industrial equipment; Lift Products Inc, a maker of ergonomic industrial equipment; and Solution Dynamics Inc, a provider of warehouse, storage and industrial equipment. No financial terms were disclosed.


MILWAUKEE, June 14, 2018 – Borgman Capital is pleased to announce its acquisitions of Derco Manufacturing Inc., Lift Products Inc., and Solution Dynamics Inc. The Corporate Headquarters and distribution center is in Waukesha, WI with a manufacturing site in Waupun, WI. The companies were acquired from Bill Pedriana, the founder of Lift Products, Inc. and former president of Lift Products, Inc. and Solution Dynamics, Inc., and Richard Davies, the former owner of Derco Manufacturing, Inc.

Lift Products is a manufacturer of ergonomic, industrial equipment with an emphasis towards lift tables, tilt tables, up enders, and electric platform trucks. Lift Products prides itself on its expertise in the field and the speed and efficiency to which its responds to its customers and their customization requirements.

Solution Dynamics is a national distributor of warehouse, storage and industrial equipment. Products include a full range of materials handling equipment. Solution Dynamics offers excellent value with top quality products from quality manufacturers, excellent customer service and total customer satisfaction. They represent over 100 suppliers and offer a broad range of products including ergonomic equipment, conveyor systems, stackers, drum handling equipment, lifting systems and hoist/cranes, as well as a complete line of material handling equipment.

Derco Manufacturing is a metal fabricator that manufacturers Lift Products’ ergonomic, industrial equipment. Derco Manufacturing prides itself on meeting customer needs through its flexible manufacturing to produce custom products to meet the toughest customer specifications.

ABOUT BORGMAN CAPITAL: Borgman Capital is a privately held investment firm focused on acquiring majority interests in established closely held micro-middle market companies that have an enterprise value of $50 million and below. Our focus is profitable businesses with high quality management in place. We are a buy and hold investor. Our strategy is to minimize the use of leverage in order to invest in and grow the portfolio long term. We are an independent sponsor, and we raise equity for each transaction. The primary source of funds are personal equity, accredited investors, and family offices. The firm is managed by Sequoya Borgman and David Bartelme. The firm’s website is located at