SEIU Disrupts Rubenstein Speech

The Service Employees International Union just disrupted a speech by Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein, here at the Wharton PE&VC Conference in Philly. They hung banners, chanted about employees rights with megaphones, shoved some folks, got shoved and were escorted out by a small army of police. No arrests were made.

Here is the flier that SEIU was handing out: seiu.pdf
DealBreaker has photos. So does one of the protesters.

Julie Eisenhardt of SEIU told me the following, after the protest: “We want to show that private equity has a responsibility to the community, just as any other investment class or industry would have. Right now, Carlyle and Rubenstein are involved in a number of different companies where there are serious questions about how they’re handling that responsibility.”

Rumors keep floating here at the hotel that SEIU protesters will return this afternoon for an encore…