Ex-Buyout Pro Sues Borat

I had always assumed that if someone from Carlyle Group was to sue a filmmaker, the target would be Michael Moore. But I was wrong: It’s Borat.

Actually, it’s an ex-Carlyle employee – a former low-level drone named Jefffrey Lemerond – who was probably still working for the firm when he ran into Borat on a New York City street (he left in April 2006). If you saw the film, you may remember him as the guy so terrified of Borat that he actually runs away. Or, if you need a refresher, Lemerond is at the 4 minute mark of the video below (or when 0:21 is left):[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdvmJnmbAJw home=true]

Lemerond alleges that his apparence in the movie subjected him to “public ridicule, degredation and humiliation.” His lawyers also contend that they tried — unsuccessfully — to have the offending scene removed prior to DVD release (even though Lemerond’s attorneys misstate the DVD release date in their complaint).

But I think DealBreaker summed it up best, when it suggested that Lederman doesn’t necessarily mind being ridiculed, degraded or humiliated — so long as it happens in the privacy of an office building. After all, why else would he have ever agreed to become a private equity firm analyst?